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Sarashi Hangers

Sarashi Hangers

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Three types of hangers for drying Sarashi after washing.
Perfect for the following Sarashi products.

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What's Sarashi?

Sarashi is a bleached cloth usually made of cotton or linen.
Sarashi has been used for various purposes in daily life for over 500 years in Japan.

It was used to be cloth wrapped around the body under a kimono and even now used as a cloth strainer to make Dashi soup for traditional Japanese cuisines. 

The whiteness and purity of the cloth have ritual significance, therefore it also has been used in Shinto or Japanese Buddhism rituals.

Made by a   long-established company in low energy method

This newly designed Sarashi roll is developed by TAKEDA SARASHI factory established in 1911 Osaka, Japan.

Since its establishment, this factory has been processing bleaching with water from a local clear stream, using as few chemicals as possible, a little water and energy. 
Since they use fewer chemicals, the bleaching process has been evaluated as safe for baby use and cooking.

  • Size: W150×H90×D43 (mm)
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Size:  W50×H90×D150 (mm)
  • Material:  Stainless steel
  • Size : W 100 x H 410 x D 100   (mm)
  • Material : Oak wood, Stainless steel

Made in Osaka, Japan

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