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Soba Choko "CHOKU" [Arita Porcelain designed by Amabro]

Soba Choko "CHOKU" [Arita Porcelain designed by Amabro]

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Beautiful Soba Choko cup series designed by Amabro.
Soba Choko is a vessel used in Japan since the Edo period (17th century) for eating soba noodles dipped in soba-tsuyu ( Dashi and soy sauce-based soup).

The traditional pattern of the Arita porcelain Soba Choko from the 17th century has been revived, and Amaburo's modern and unique design has been added to it.

This new designed Soba Choko is now popular as the occasional gift in Japan.

Soba Choko Collection "CHOKU" from Amabro

Amabro is a product brand line designed by contemporary artist Amane Murakami.
Amabro's CHOKU collection is a series of newly designed Soba Choko of Arita porcelain, the most traditional Japanese porcelain that has been produced since the 16th century in Nagasaki Japan.

  • Size: φ80 mm x h 65 mm
  • Made in Nagasaki Japan
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