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Yoshikawa (Tsubame)

Stainless Steel Teapot / YOSHIKAWA SUI

Stainless Steel Teapot / YOSHIKAWA SUI

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Stainless steel teapot with natural rattan wrapped handle.

Tsubame City in Japan is famous as a city that has been making steel products for 400 years. This is a stainless steel teapot made by a long-established steel product manufacturer there.

It is made of a single stainless steel plate processed with high technology and has beautiful curves.

The minimal beauty will make any room look classy and sophisticated.
Just the right size for a cup of tea.


  • This is not designed to be a kettle. Do not use over an open flame or electric stove, as this may cause damage or burns.
  • Do not soak the rattan part. Wipe off any moisture as soon as possible if it gets wet.
  • Do not use in microwave ovens or dishwashers as this may cause damage.
  • Remove stains from the strainer after use, as it may cause rusting.

Made by Yoshikawa


The city of Tsubame in Japan's snow country of Niigata is an area of traditional local industry that is the cornerstone of metal craftsmanship. Yoshikawa is one of the companies that have made Tsubame City famous for its traditional metal crafts.
Yoshikawa originally began in 1912 as a store selling smoking pipes, which were a typical metal craft of the time. Since 1946, they began to sell metal materials and also manufacture metal kitchenware. Yoshikawa has a high level of metal polishing technology, and craftsmen skilled in the art of polishing make every effort to create beautiful products

  • Size: W11×D18×H9cm
  • Weight: 65g
  • Capacity: 0.5L
  • Material: 18-8 stainless steel and rattan
  • Made in Japan

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