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Tohsai, Gifu Japan

Tasting Sake Cup (Janome Choko) | Mino Ware

Tasting Sake Cup (Janome Choko) | Mino Ware

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Mino porcelain Jenome Choko (sake cup) for sake tasting in 3 Shaku (approx. 70ml) size.

What is a Jenome choko?

Janome Choko is a sake cup traditionally used for sake tasting. It's designed for professionals such as sake inspectors and brewers, including the toji (master brewer) to carefully assess overall characteristics of sake.
Despite its target-like design, it's known as "Ja" (Snake) - "Me" (Eye) due to its resemblance to a snake's eye.

While sake is often seen as clear, it actually has a subtle yellowish tint. Junmai sake, in particular, can have a rich yellow hue called yamabuki. To highlight the yellow tone of sake, the method is used to evaluate clarity and color using white and blue hues. Sake tasting involves not just the taste but also the visual aspect.

Janome sake cups are available in various sizes. 3 Shaku (70 ml) and 5 Shaku (90 ml) sizes are the most popular being for home use.

  • Size: W 5.2×H4.9cm
  • Capacity: Approx. 70ml
  • Made in Gifu Japan
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