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Tokyo Origami Book by COCHAE

Tokyo Origami Book by COCHAE

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Founded in 2003, Cochae is a two-person graphic design unit, founded by Yosuke Jikuhara and Miki Takeda.

Since its beginnings, Cochae has explored the theme of "playful design" - producing origami full of graphic design elements, with the mantra "Make origami pop more!"; their work using vibrant colours and bold shapes, which come together in a collision of Japanese tradition and contemporary art. 

Cochae's Tokyo-inspired origami card book features 24 types of origami, ranging from the iconic imagery of modern-day Tokyo, to quaint motifs reminiscent of the Edo period. From sento to sumo, subways to Tsukiji tuna - this colourful collection embodies the essence of Japan. The paper can also double as miniature letterhead, meaning that adults and children alike can have fun with this unique origami book. 

  • Size: 13.5×22.5cm
  • 24 pages (full colour)


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