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Coloring Book [Tokyo Retro Walk ]

Coloring Book [Tokyo Retro Walk ]

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A Japanese postcard style coloring book of featuring landscape illustrations of retro buildings and townscapes in Tokyo. 

It covers famous buildings representing the Meiji and Showa eras, and also Tokyo's ordinary scenes such as shopping arcades. You can feel as if you are taking a train from Asakusa and strolling around Tokyo.

Each illustration comes with a set of colored samples.
It's perforated in the size of a Japanese postcard so that you can easily tear it out of the book and frame it after coloring.

*This book is NOT English bilingual.

<List of Illustrations>

  • 01 Kaminari Gate in Asakusa
  • 02 Sensoji Temple
  • 03 Denpoin Street
  • 04 Yanagibashi Puddle
  • 05 Tokyo Station
  • 06 Imperial Palace, Nijubashi Bridge
  • 07 Ginza 4-chome intersection
  • 08 Tokyo Tower
  • 09 Tsukudani Ten'yasu
  • 10 Shinjuku Suehiro-tei
  • 11 Harajuku Station
  • 12 Tokyo Resurrection Cathedral (Nikolai-do)
  • 13 Kanda Myojin
  • 14 Nezu Shrine
  • 15 Yūyake Dandan
  • 16 Toden Arakawa Line and Oguro Hachiman

Another coloring book featuring historical scenic townscapes in Japan is also available.

Japan Heritage Townscape Coloring Post Card Book

  • Size: 14.8 x 21 x 0.48 cm
  • Page: 40 pages
  • Japanese
  • Published 2022/5/2 


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