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Understanding Japanese Buddhist Sculpture through Visual Comparison

Understanding Japanese Buddhist Sculpture through Visual Comparison

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An introductory guide book that will help you become acquainted with Buddhist sculpture. The underlying principle of this book is to understand Buddhist sculpture through visual comparison.

This book aims to enhance your ability to appreciate the expressiveness of Buddhist sculpture. Rather than delving into complex explanations of iconography, sculptural techniques, and cultural/historical backgrounds, it focuses on cultivating your observational skills.

By applying the steps and way of viewing recommended in this book, the impressions you have gained with your own eyes will leave a deeper impression in your mind, allowing you to make new discoveries each time you view a Buddhist statue, and also to deepen your appreciation.

Explore historical temples around Japan with this book, you’ll find yourself consulting only the most basic information required as your own knowledge expands and you are guided to a more profound understanding of the world of Buddhist sculpture.

  • Size: 16.2 x 24 cm
  • 128 pages
  • English/Japanese
  • Published June 2 2020
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