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Vintage Japanese Soy Sauce Bottle Bag

Vintage Japanese Soy Sauce Bottle Bag

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Vintage soy sauce bottle bag from a small historic miso and soy sauce brewery in Nara, founded in 1928. This bag harks back to the early Showa period, a time when soy sauce was dispensed in large, carefully crafted bottles known as"Isshobin" (一升瓶) ,1.8L large size bottles.

These bags served their regular customer as carriers for the bottle safely.

They’re not merely containers but symbols of the culinary heritage and artisanal craftsmanship of a bygone era, offering a unique and tangible connection to the traditional brewing practices of Japan.

***Due to the vintage nature of this product, there are scratches and stains.
Two bags available, each in slightly different condition. The first order will receive the one in better condition.

  • Size: H40×W23 ×D14cm (without the handle)

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