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Retro Pressed Glass Mamezara (Blue)

Retro Pressed Glass Mamezara (Blue)

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Retro pressed glass plates discovered at a vintage market in Shimane, Japan. 
These plates are not only perfect for yakumi (condiments) for cold noodle or pickles but also as a cute dish for placing incense or arranging accessories. It's versatile and charming for various purposes.

The production of authentic pressed glassware in Japan began in the early Meiji period after the Shinagawa Glass Works imported two pressing machines from England. While pressed plates made in England and America are characterized by lace-like patterns, Japanese pressed plates broke away from these foreign influences. By skilled blacksmiths, they created traditional Japanese cast iron molds and produced elegant pressed plates with traditional designs for the domestic market.

These pressed plates, which did not previously exist in Japan, started with imitations influenced by the West. However, various designs evolved to incorporate Japan's unique natural and cultural motifs, such as flowers, birds, and seasonal themes, showcasing the remarkable skill and rich sensibility of Japanese artisans. Pressed plates serve as a testament to the artistic glassware of the Meiji, Taisho, and early Showa periods.

  • Size: 11cm diameter

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