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Shogado (Kyoto)

Washi Pouch

Washi Pouch

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Twofold pouch made of Yuzen washi that can be used as an organizer for the inside of your bag, or a clutch bag as it is.

This bag was originally made as a special bag to hold a notebook called "Shuincho" that is used to collect the stamps given as proof when visiting shrines and temples.

It's big enough to hold your smartphone, keys, glasses, a pack of tissues, hand cream, hand sanitiser and lip balm.

    Made by Washi professional 

    This beautiful pouch is made by "Washi" (Japanese paper) products professional Shogado founded in 1964 in Kyoto Japan. Shogado has been supplying Washi products such as colored paper and Japanese booklets to calligraphy specialty stores and art supply stores nationwide.
    Their core material, Washi is sourced from Echizen (Fukui Prefecture) and other famous washi production areas in Japan. The manufacturing is done by artisans and small factories in Kyoto.

    • Size:  W215×H255×Dmm
    • Material: Washi Paper, Fabric
    • Made in Japan
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