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Yoshikawa (Tsubame)

YOSHIKAWA Stainless Steel Yukihira Pot 18cm

YOSHIKAWA Stainless Steel Yukihira Pot 18cm

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 18cm stainless steel Yukihira pot ideal for making ramen or soup, perfect for serving one or two people.

Yukihira Pot made of stainless steel, crafted by a well-established steel product manufacturer in Tsubame Sanjo City, Japan, which is renowned for its 400-year history of producing steel products.

  • Double-sided spout design for easy use by left-handed
    Spouts on both sides of the body for easy transfer of simmered dishes, soups, etc. to other containers.
  • Equipped with a scale for measuring
    Useful for measuring portions and for cooking for varying serving sizes
  • The hook on the lid is meant to be hung on the wall in a professional kitchen setup.

What is Yukihira Pot (Yukihira Nabe) 

A Yukihira pot is characterized by its rounded bottom and slightly extended body, providing a unique design for cooking.
This versatile pot is perfect for a multitude of cooking including boiling, simmering, stir-frying, and steaming.
In Japan, it has been a staple in every household, serving as an indispensable all-purpose pot. Its wide range of uses makes it an essential kitchen tool.

The reason why Yukihira Pot is favored by both professional and home cooks in Japan can be attributed to its unique feature known as Tsuchime. This technique, called Tan-Kin, involves a skilled craftsman meticulously hammering the pot's surface, creating an uneven texture that enhances its performance.

There are two reasons for hammering: to improve heat conduction by increasing surface area, and to enhance strength. A pot with hammered marks is known to maintain its strength even after 40 years.

Made by Yoshikawa

The city of Tsubame Sanjo in Japan's snow country of Niigata is an area of traditional local industry that is the cornerstone of metal craftsmanship. Yoshikawa is one of the companies that have made Tsubame Sanjo City famous for its traditional metal crafts.
Yoshikawa originally began in 1912 as a store selling smoking pipes, which were a typical metal craft of the time. Since 1946, they began to sell metal materials and also manufacture metal kitchenware. Yoshikawa has a high level of metal polishing technology, and craftsmen skilled in the art of polishing make every effort to create beautiful products

  • Size (approx.): 34.5 x 18.1 x 7.5
  • Weight (approx.): 470g
  • Capacity (approx.): 1.7L
  • Materials:
  • Body: 18-0 stainless steel (1.0mm)
  • Handle: Natural wood
  • Made in Nigata, Japan
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